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Light Pipe Overview

Light pipes are optical components that are typically used to increase the uniformity of a light source or to direct light. Light pipes may also be referred to as homogenizing rods, light guides, homogenizers, or light funnels. Join Ra'ef Mikhail as he reviews the different types of light pipes and their various applications. Learn more about light pipes by reading our article How to Select the Right Light Pipe Homogenizing Rod.


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Calculate the critical angle needed to homogenize polychromatic sources that emit non-collimated light.

Homogenize non-uniform UV or visible light sources. Hexagonal or tapered configurations available.

Need to deviate the ray path or adjust image orientation? Check out our selection of right angle, amici, penta, Schmidt, wedge, anamorphic, equilateral, dove, rhomboid, light pipes, or retroreflectors.

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