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    Outer Diameter (mm)
    Fixed Aperture Diameter (μm)
    Slit Length (mm)
    Slit Width (μm)

    Pinholes and Slits

    Pinholes and Slits are used to provide a fixed or adjustable aperture through which laser beams may be directed in a number of laser applications such as spatial filtering. Pinholes and Slits consist of variously shaped apertures within a range of materials or coatings designed to reflect or absorb laser light that does not pass through the opening. A selection of mounts is also available for holding aperture slides.

    Adjustable Optical Slit
    Adjustable Optical Slit
    • 6mm Maximum Clear Slit Opening
    • Fine Micrometer-Driven Adjustment
    • ¼-20 Hole for Mounting
    Acktar Blackened Pinholes New

    Acktar Blackened Pinholes
    • Low Reflectance from the EUV to SWIR
    • 99% Absorbance Blackening Coating
    • Aperture Sizes from 50 to 1000μm
    • Available Unmounted and Mounted
    Acktar Blackened Air Slits New

    Acktar Blackened Air Slits
    • Wide-Band Low Reflectance Coating
    • 99% Absorbance from the EUV to SWIR
    • Slit Sizes Down to 25μm x 3mm
    • Unmounted and Mounted Versions Available
    High Power Apertures
    High Power Apertures
    • Ceramic, Copper, Gold-Plated Copper, Molybdenum, or Tungsten Substrates
    • Withstand High Power Densities up to 130MW/cm2 (For Mo and W Substrates)
    • Ideal for Spatial Filtering and Laser Aperturing
    Precision Air Slits
    Precision Air Slits
    • Mounted Version Provides Secure Mechanical Support
    • Used in Optical Systems and Educational Efforts
    • Ideal for Spectrophotometer Image Analysis
    Precision Pinholes
    Precision Pinholes
    • Available in Aperture Mounts for a Secure Mechanical Support
    • Pinhole Sized Ranging from 1 to 1,000 Microns
    • High Power Apertures Available


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