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Color and Gray Level Test Targets

Color and Gray Level Test Targets measure the level of an imaging system's color or grayscale performance. Color and Gray Level Test Targets consist of a variety of colored or grayscale patterns that evaluate an imaging system's dynamic range by comparing the target with a system's image. Color and Gray Level Test Targets provide a convenient, simple way to test an imaging system's gray level or color performance.

Color Checkers
  • Test True Color Balance
  • Include Natural, Chromatic, Primary, and Gray Scale Colors
  • 24, 30, 50 or 140 Scientifically Designed Patches

Color Scanner Test Target
  • Ideal for Evaluation of Color Flatbed Scanners

NIST Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slides
  • 24 Calibrated Colors Patches
  • Patch Diameters from 150 to 4150µm
  • Compatible with Oil Immersion Objectives

EIA GrayScale Pattern Slide
  • Video Calibration
  • Permanent Density Standard
  • Evaluate/Compare the Dynamic Range of Cameras

ISO-14524 Reflective Camera Contrast Chart
  • Determines Dynamic Range of Cameras
  • 12 gray level patches

ISO-21550 Dynamic Range Film
  • Used to Determine Optical Density Range of Transmission Scanners and Imaging Systems

Large Grayscale Target
  • 15 Density Steps
  • Logarithmic Grayscale

Reflective Scanner Test Target
  • Complies with the ISO 16067-1 Standard
  • Designed to Test Digital Scanning Systems

Spectralon® White Balance and Diffuse Reflectance Targets
  • Diffuse Reflectance with 99% Nominal Reflectance in UV-VIS-NIR Wavelength Range (350 – 1600nm)
  • Durable, Stable, and Washable
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate and Data from 250 – 2500nm


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