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    Optical Diffusers

    Optical Diffusers are used to evenly diffuse light in a wide variety of industrial applications. Optical Diffusers cause light to spread evenly across a surface, minimizing or removing high intensity bright spots. Optical Diffusers are also ideal for use as screens or targets in imaging applications. Optical Diffusers are also known as Light Diffusers in many illumination applications. Substrate determines the level of loss due to scatter.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Light Diffusers in a range of substrates including ground glass, holographic, or opal. TECHSPEC Ground Glass Diffusers are ideal for applications that require low scatter loss. Holographic Diffusers are used to increase transmission efficiency from a variety of light sources. UV Holographic Diffusers are also available for increased performance in the ultraviolet. Opal Diffusing Glass is ideal for generating a nearly Lambertian distribution of light, but cause higher levels of scattering loss. Optical Diffusers are available in a wide range of sizes to meet an application’s needs.


    Broadband Hybrid Diffusers
    • Surface Treated Semi-Opaque White Glass
    • Two Mechanisms of Scatter
    • Excellent Scattering into the NIR

    White Diffusing Glass
    • Semi-Opaque White Glass
    • Highly Diffusive to Create Even Illumination
    • Diffusive on Both Surfaces

    Opal Diffusing Glass

    Holographic Diffusers
    • Transmission Efficiency >85%
    • Elliptical and Circular Diffusing Outputs
    • Ideal for Visible and Near-Infrared Applications
    • UV Holographic Diffusers Also Available

    Holographic UV Diffusers
    • Diffusing Angles Ranging from 0.5 - 50°
    • Fused Silica Substrate Offers 70% Transmission at 200nm
    • Homogenous Light Distribution
    • Standard Holographic Diffusers Also Available

    Commercial Quality Sandblasted Glass
    • Large Sizes Available
    • 120-Grit Sandblast
    • Economically Priced

    Ground Glass Diffusers
    • Available in Sizes Ranging from 5mm Diameter to 250mm Square
    • Low Scatter Loss
    • Evenly Ground Surface for Even Diffusion
    • Fused Silica Substrates Available

    UV Fused Silica Ground Glass Diffusers
    • Even, Diffuse Surface
    • Ideal for Applications Utilizing UV Wavelengths
    • Low Scatter Loss
    • Float Glass Substrates Also Available

    Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers
    • Ideal for Eliminating Laser Speckle Noise
    • Plug and Play with Integrated Drive Electronics
    • 6 - 24 Degree Diffusing Angles Available


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