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Laser Beam Shaping

Laser Beam Shaping is the process by which the uniformity or shape of a laser beam is changed from how it is  originallyemitted from a laser source. Typically, laser sources emit beams with a non-uniform intensity that are not ideal for most applications. Additionally, optical applications may require a beam shape that a laser source cannot naturally produce, such as a line or ring. Laser Beam Shaping products provide the means to transform a laser beam such that it has the desired characteristics required for your application.

Edmund Optics offers Laser Beam Shaping solutions to collimate laser beams, transform beam profiles, convert beam shapes, and much more. Flat Top Beam Shapers, used to convert Gaussian beams into flat top beams with a uniform intensity distribution, are available optimized for laser wavelengths associated with Nd:YAG, fiber, and CO2 Lasers. Cylinder Lenses, offered in broadband and laser line versions, are ideal for laser machining or medical applications, which require laser light shaping in only one axis. Slow Axis Collimators and Fast Axis Collimators are ideal for collimated laser bars and laser diodes, respectively, and are also available.

Flat Top Beam Shapers
  • Convert Gaussian Beam Profile to Flat Top Profile
  • Near 100% Efficiency
  • No Internal Focusing Enables High Power Laser Input

Focal Flat Top Beam Shapers
  • Shapes Gaussian Beams to Airy Disk Profile
  • Flat-top or Doughnut Output Beam Profiles
  • Near 100% Efficiency

Powell Lenses
  • Ideal for Alignment and Machine Vision Applications
  • Multiple Fan Angles Available
  • Creates Uniform, Straight Line

Laser Diode/He-Ne Laser Projection Heads
  • Single Line, Crossline, Multi-Line, and Dot Matrix Types
  • Quick Installation
  • Ideal for Mounting Laser Diode Modules

Acylinder Lenses
  • Diffraction Limited Design
  • Ideal for Creating Thin Line Profiles of Monochromatic Light Sources
  • Focus Light in Single Dimension

Laser Line PCX Cylinder Lenses
  • Round Sizes For Easy Integration
  • Focus Light in Only One Direction
  • Coated for Maximum Transmission at Common Laser Wavelengths

Beam Shaping PCX Cylinder Lenses
  • Ideal for Beam Shaping Applications
  • Tightly Controlled Optical and Geometric Tolerances
  • Rectangular and Circular Form Factors Available

Laser Line Beam Shaping Fused Silica Cylinder Lenses
  • <0.25% AR Coated for Nd:YAG Harmonics
  • <3 Arcminute Wedge Tolerance
  • Fused Silica Substrate

Beam Shaping PCV Cylinder Lenses
  • Beam Shaping Grade Specifications
  • Used with Beam Shaping PCX Cylinder Lenses for Circularizing Beams
  • Negative Focal Length

Beam Shaping Fused Silica Cylinder Lenses
  • Offers Superior Performance from UV to IR
  • Fused Silica Substrate
  • Laser Optic Surface Quality

Microlens Arrays
  • Square Lens and Fly’s Eye Configurations
  • Precision Fused Silica Substrates

Slow Axis Collimators
  • Designed for Use with Laser Bars
  • Can be Used With Fast Axis Collimators
  • Low Curvature Deviation for Increased Collimation

Fast Axis Collimators
  • Aspheric Cylindrical Lens Designs for Fast Axis Collimation
  • Standard AR Coating for 790 – 990nm
  • Ideal for Laser Diode Collimation

Beam Twisters™
  • Provide 90° Rotation of Laser Bar Beams
  • Assembly of Fast Axis Collimator Lens and Beam Rotation Lens Array
  • Greater than 97% Transmission


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