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Pixelink® M-Series Microscopy Cameras Pixelink® M-Series Microscopy Cameras
  • High Resolution Sensors up to 20 MegaPixel
  • Pixelink® Capture Software Included
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Optional Three-Tier μScope Microscopy Software
Basler PowerPack Microscopy Cameras Basler PowerPack Microscopy Cameras
  • High Performance Cameras Featuring State-of-the-Art CMOS Sensors
  • Professional Software for Image Acquisition and Analysis Included
  • Unique Advanced Image Enhancement and Color Adjustment Technology
Teledyne Lumenera INFINITY8 Microscopy Cameras Teledyne Lumenera INFINITY8 Microscopy Cameras New
  • Exceptional Low Light Sensitivity
  • Ideal for Life Sciences, Clinical, and Industrial Applications
  • Affordable Price Point with Included Microscopy Software
Teledyne Lumenera INFINITY Microscopy Cameras Teledyne Lumenera INFINITY Microscopy Cameras
  • Ideal for Life Sciences, Clinical, and Industrial Applications
  • USB or HDMI Video Output Options
  • Powerful Capture and Analysis Software Included
  • PC & Mac Compatibility
Pixelink® Basic Microscopy Cameras Pixelink® Basic Microscopy Cameras
  • Perfect for Microscopy Applications
  • Features Include Image Measurement and Overlay Ability
  • High Resolution Sensors
  • USB 2.0 Microscopy Cameras with Full Software Package Available

Microscopy Cameras are used to capture images or video, or to display video on a monitor in a variety of microscopy applications. Microscopy Cameras are well-suited to microscopy imaging applications, including brightfield and fluorescence imaging.

Edmund Optics offers a variety of Microscopy Cameras in a range of interfaces including GigE, USB, or FireWire. Microscope Cameras designed to fit atop of microscopes are available to simplify integration into microscopy setups. USB Digital Microscopes with high resolution and multiple magnification options are ideal for industrial or lab applications, offering the flexibility of adjustable illumination and live imaging through connection to a computer. NIR Cameras are also available for applications in the near-infrared.