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TECHSPEC® Components

MMS Imaging Lenses

TECHSPEC® components are available throughout the catalog and are labeled in black and gold to assist in easy identification. TECHSPEC components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics and are ideal for Industrial OEMs and researchers alike. Full technical specifications are available, volume integration is supported by a generous discount structure, and our entire sales and applications engineering staff are knowledgeable about the products’ applications. Our objective is to offer the finest quality components and systems available to meet the service requirements and to exceed the expectations of our customers.

TECHSPEC® Optics – Our inventory of optical components is the largest and most diverse in the world and we are dedicated to keeping these elements in continuous production, in stock and readily available for immediate delivery and guaranteed long-term availability. All of our TECHSPEC optics are fully supported by prescription data and engineering prints, and all of the components may be found in the libraries of the major optical design programs.

TECHSPEC® Mechanics – Edmund Optics is a premier designer and manufacturer of mechanical components. The designs have been made with precision, value, and ergonomics in mind. Fully supported by engineering prints, the components are easily integrated into complex assemblies through the available IGES and STEP files. To ensure our customers receive only the highest quality assemblies, a multitiered design and analysis approach has been implemented on all of our TECHSPEC® mechanics.

TECHSPEC® Imaging – Edmund Optics is a leader in the design and development of optical and illumination assemblies used in imaging applications. Whether the application calls for our lenses to be used on an assembly line, integrated into a complex system, or deployed in a harsh environment, our TECHSPEC components are up to the task. Full prescription data is available to qualified researchers and designers, and our team of Vision Integration Partners is readily available to assist in the development and deployment of hardware and software. Our innovative illumination technology is an ideal complement to systems utilizing our world-class imaging components.


OEM Recommended – Certified Edmund Quality – Continual Supply

Build your own customized system with rods, plates, or optical mounts for translation, positioning, angular mounting, or supporting multiple beam paths.

Spherical optics, aspheric lenses, prisms, imaging lenses, imaging and laser optics assemblies, and mechanics are just a few of our expertise.

The TECHSPEC® Optical Cage System features tighter tolerances, increased rigidity, and more flexibility than complex optical alignment systems. (PDF 917KB)

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