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UC Series Expanded Kit

UC Series: All lenses pictured may not be included in the kit. See

UC Series: All lenses pictured may not be included in the kit. See "Contents of Kit" specification for included lenses.

UC Series: All lenses pictured may not be included in the kit. See 4mm FL, #33-300 6mm FL, #33-301 8mm FL, #33-307 +4
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Maximum Sensor Format:
4mm UC Series: 1/2"
6mm UC Series: 1/2"
8mm UC Series: 1/2"
12mm UC Series: 1/1.8"
16mm UC Series: 1/1.8"
25mm UC Series: 1/1.8"
35mm UC Series: 1/1.8"
Aperture (f/#):
4mm UC Series: f/1.8 - f/11
6mm UC Series: f/1.85 - f/11
8mm UC Series: f/1.8 - f/11
12mm UC Series: f/1.8 - f/11
16mm UC Series: f/1.8 - f/11
25mm UC Series: f/1.85 - f/16
35mm UC Series: f/1.85 - f/16
Working Distance (mm):
4mm UC Series: 0 - ∞
6mm UC Series: 50 - ∞
8mm UC Series: 50 - ∞
12mm UC Series: 100 - ∞
16mm UC Series: 200 - ∞
25mm UC Series: 200 - ∞
35mm UC Series: 200 - ∞
Contents of Kit:
4mm UC Series: 33-300
6mm UC Series: 33-301
8mm UC Series: 33-307
12mm UC Series: 33-303
16mm UC Series: 33-304
25mm UC Series: 33-305
35mm UC Series: 33-306

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Product Family Description

  • Easy to Order Kits of Our Best Selling Fixed Focal Length Imaging Lenses
  • Full Product Line or Select Focal Lengths Kit Versions Available
  • TECHSPEC C, UC, and HP Imaging Lenses are Also Sold Individually

TECHSPEC® Imaging Lens Kits provide sets of TECHSPEC C, UC, and HP Imaging Lenses in easy to order kits at a reduced price. These kits offer multiple solutions to applications requiring fixed focal lengths such as factory automation, machine vision, inspection, or rapid prototyping. TECHSPEC Imaging Lens Kits can be ordered as a full product line or as curated selections of focal lengths within the product line. The TECHSPEC C, UC and HP lenses in these kits are C-Mount camera compatible, and feature a locking iris and focus adjustment to prevent unwanted adjustments.

  • C Series: Compact (C), FA Lenses for Machine Vision
  • UC Series: Ultra-Compact (UC), High Resolution Lenses for Small Sensors
  • HP Series: High Performance (HP), C-Mount Lenses for Machine Vision