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"Development of US national laser damage standard: 2020 status" by Jonathan W. Arenberg, Donna Howland, Michael Thomas, John C. Bellum, Matthew Dabney - SPIE 09/2020
"Ultraviolet fatigue testing of laser optics" by Matthew Dabney - SPIE 10/2021
"Development of a Robust Laser Damage Threshold Testbed" by Matthew S. Dabney, Brian Arnold, Lucas Willis, Dragan Velkov - SPIE 09/2020
"Precision lens molding of asphero diffractive surfaces in chalcogenide materials" by Jayson Nelson, Michael Scordato, Katie Schwertz, and Joel Bagwell - SPIE 10/2015
"Development of a company-sponsored optics educational outreach program" by Cory Boone, Rebecca Emerich, and Andrew Fisher - SPIE 08/2020
"Aspheres in a double Gauss: rehashing and old study" by Scott Sparrold - SPIE 09/2010
"Refractive lens design for simultaneous SWIR and LWIR imaging" by Scott Sparrold, Eric Herman, Amber Czajkowski, and Kevin O'Shea - SPIE 05/2011
"Advantages of using engineered chalcogenide glass for color corrected, passively athermalized LWIR imaging systems" by Katie Schwertz, Adam Bublitz, and Scott Sparrold - SPIE 05/2012
"Graphically selecting optical components and housing material for color correction and passive athermalization" by Katie Schwertz, Dan Dillon, and Scott Sparrold - SPIE 10/2012
"Asphere design for dummies" by Keita Oka and Scott Sparrold - SPIE 10/2013
"An efficient method of reducing glass dispersion tolerance sensitivity" by Scott W. Sparrold and R. Hamilton Shepard - SPIE 12/2014
"A method to diagnose and combat index of refraction non-uniformity in evaporative optical coatings" by Joel Bagwell, Chris Cook, and Craig Ament - SPIE 10/2015
"Metrology of achromatic diffractive features on chalcogenide lenses" by Michael Scordato, Jayson Nelson, Katie Schwertz, Patrick Mckenna, and Joel Bagwell - SPIE 10/2016
"Chalcogenide material strengthening through the lens molding process" by Jayson Nelson, Michael Scordato, Pierre Lucas, and Garrett J. Coleman - SPIE 05/2017
"Achrotech: achromat cost versus performance for conventional, diffractive, and GRIN components" by Jeffrey Morris, Greg Wolf, Stefaan Vandendriessche, and Scott Sparrold - SPIE 09/2017
"Thick lens chromatic effective focal length variation versus bending" by Scott Sparrold - SPIE 11/2017
"Statistical simplex approach to primary and secondary color correction in thick lens assemblies" by Shelby D. V. Ament and Richard N. Pfisterer - SPIE 05/2018
"Mid-spatial frequency errors of mass-produced aspheres" by Wilhelmus A. C. M. Messelink, Amy Frantz, Shelby D. V. Ament, and Matthew Stairiker - SPIE 08/2018
"Sub-angstrom surface roughness metrology with the white light interferometer" by Shawn Iles and Jayson Nelson - SPIE 11/2019
"Creating sub angstrom surfaces on planar and spherical substrates" by Jayson Nelson and Shawn Iles - SPIE 11/2019
"Laser damage, a new US standard: What is in it for me?" by Donna J. Howland; Jonathan Arenberg; Michael D. Thomas; Trey Turner; John Bellum; C. Wren Carr; Matthew Brophy; Allen Krisiloff; Nathan Carlie; Matthew Dabney - SPIE 02/2020
"An achromat singlet" by Joel Bagwell, Christian Hebert, and Nathan Carlie - SPIE 02/2020