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    Specialty Windows

    Specialty Windows are Optical Windows designed for a variety of applications. Specialty Optical Windows are unique in shape or purpose. Optical Mirrors are designed to protect electronic sensors or other sensitive optical components from damage or overexposure to light. Edmund Optics offers a range of Specialty Optical Windows, including Brewster Windows, Glass Domes, Hydrophobic Windows, or other Infrared (IR) Materials.

    Brewster Windows are designed to present a circular profile when oriented at Brewster’s angle (55.57°). Hydrophobic Windows resist liquid absorption or wetting in order to simplify handling and cleaning. Infrared (IR) Material Windows are used in Medium Wave Infrared (MWIR) or Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) applications. Glass Domes can be used as encompassing protective boundaries between two environments. Glass Domes offer superior optical characteristics.


    Schott AS87ECO Ultra-Thin Windows
    • High Level of Flexibility
    • Ultra-Thin Thickness for Low Profile Designs
    • Excellent Transmission from 250nm to >3µm

    Wedged Windows
    • Uncoated Substrates with a 30 Arcminute Wedge
    • Eliminate Etalon Effects and Cavity Feedback
    • Ideal for Use as Beam Sampler

    Fused Silica Wedge Prisms
    • Deviates Laser Beam Path from 0.5° - 5.0°
    • Ideal for UV to NIR Beam Steering Applications from 250 to 1064nm
    • Guaranteed Laser Damage Threshold for Nd:YAG Versions

    N-BK7 Wedge Prisms
    • Ideal for Beam Steering
    • 0.5° - 15° Beam Deviation Options
    • Available Uncoated or Anti-Reflection Coated
    • Anamorphic Prism Pair Also Available

    Brewster Windows
    • Reduce Loss of P-Polarized Light
    • Circular Profile When Oriented at 55.57°
    • Great for Use in Laser Cavities

    Spherical Aberration Compensation Plates
    • Precision N-BK7 Substrate
    • Optimized for Use in Collimated Light with Small Fields of View
    • Transmitted Wave Front Accurate to λ/16

    Fused Silica Wafers
    • UV Fused Silica Substrate
    • Ultrasonically Cleaned
    • Less than 10Å Surface Roughness

    Hydrophobic Windows
    • Oil and Water Repellent Coating
    • Ideal for Industrial and Harsh Environments
    • AR Coated for <0.5% Reflection in the Visible Spectrum

    Glass Domes
    • Provide a Protective Environment
    • Easily Mounted
    • Ideal for Visible and Near-Infrared Applications

    Infrared (IR) Material Windows
    • Excellent Optics for Infrared Detectors
    • Minimal Absorption Loss from 8 - 14μm
    • Easily Cut to Size

    3M Light Control Film
    • Ideal for Privacy Viewing
    • Contrast Enhancement and Improved Sunlight Readability
    • Reduces Unwanted Reflections

    Acrylic Laser Windows
    • Designed for Use with Nd:YAG, CO2, KTP and Argon-Ion Sources
    • Excellent Visible Light Transmission
    • High Optical Densities at Design Wavelengths


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