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Imaging Lens Assemblies

  • Full Custom Lens Design for Your Specific Needs

  • Designs for Newest Technology Trends Including Stability Ruggedized Lenses, Integrated Liquid Lenses, and Ultra-High Resolutions (100+ MP)

  • M12, C-Mount, Factory Automation, Telecentric Lenses, & More

  • Global In-Region Engineering Support & Service

  • Volume Manufacturing & Designs Optimized for Integration

Edmund Optics® prides itself on understanding how customers implement imaging technology in their applications. This knowledge allows us to quickly deploy the right option from our off-the-shelf products or a custom designed solution to meet your specific requirements. Our global network of engineers evaluates each design with knowledge of manufacturing, tolerancing, and integration. In addition to a team of dedicated imaging solution support engineers, EO offers a select network of Vision Integration Partners who facilitate on-site integration of complete imaging systems.

Standard Products

Edmund Optics® offers a wide-range of standard imaging products including M12 Micro-Video Lens, Fixed Focal Length Lenses, and Telecentric Lenses. We also offer a variety of modifications to our standard imaging lenses including illumination integration, housing modifications, and ruggedization for shock, vibration, and contamination.

Imaging Lenses

M12 S-Mount Lenses

Fixed Focal Length Lenses

Telecentric Lenses

Laser Beamsplitters

Zoom Lenses

Laser Prims

Fixed Magnification Lenses

Laser Polarizers

Infinity Corrected Objectives

Laser Line Mirrors

Finite Conjugate Objectives

Laser Line Mirrors


Other Imaging Products




Laser Beamsplitters

Mounting & Fixturing

Laser Prims

Test Targets

Common Imaging Lens Modifications:

  • Reoptimizing Lens Working Distance
  • Replacing Iris with Fixed Aperture
  • Adjusting Standard Magnification
  • Illumination Integration
  • Path Bending Systems
  • Housing Modifications
  • Filter Integration
  • Changing Camera Mount
  • Complete Design Adjustment
  • Ruggedization for Shock, Vibration, and Contamination
Imaging Application

Custom Imaging Lens Design Capabilities

  • Designs for Prototype to Volume Production
  • Optical and Optomechanical Design
  • Optimize Designs for Integration and High Production Yields
  • Experienced Optical Analysis and Tolerancing
  • Ground-Up Design Services
  • Designs from UV to LWIR Spectra
  • Global Staff of Over 150 Engineers
Design and Engineering

Learning Resources

Application Notes

Technical information and application examples including theoretical explanations, equations, graphical illustrations, and much more.

11 Best Practices
for Better Imaging

Depth of Field
and Depth of Focus

Lens Spacers, Shims and Focal Length Extenders

Pixel Sizes
and Optics

Resolution and Contrast Comparison

Ruggedization of Imaging Lenses

The Advantages of Telecentricity

Understanding Focal Length and Field of View

Imaging Resource Guide: 35+ Imaging Application Notes

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Informative corporate or instructional videos ranging from simple tips to application-based demonstrations of product advantages.

EO Imaging Lab – 21 parts

Imaging Best Practices – 11 parts

Edmund Optics Imaging Comparison: Why Optics Matter

Ruggedized Imaging Lenses Webinar


Technical calculators based on commonly used and referenced equations in the Optics, Imaging and Photonics industries.

Imaging System Parameter Calculator

1951 USAF Resolution Calculator

Published Articles

Links to technical articles appearing in industry publications authored by Edmund Optics® or featuring contributions from EO's engineering team and key management.

How Smaller Pixel Sizes Impact Lens Selection

Lens Choices Proliferate for Developers of Machine Vision

Applications on the Upswing as Cost of Imaging Systems Come Down

Filtering in
Machine Vision

Circuit boards get
closer inspection

Optics in
Machine Vision

Understanding Telecentricity and Perspective Error

Playing to Type: Choosing the Right Class of Lens for Machine Vision

Understanding Lens Choices for Machine Vision Systems

Integrating a Vision System

Vision Helps Reshape Microscopy, Biomedical Imaging Convergence

Imaging Lens

Imaging Optics Catalog

Designed exclusively for our imaging, machine vision, and inspection customers, the Imaging Optics catalog features over 1,700 unique stock imaging lenses, cameras, filters, illumination, and more. Plus, we’ve included over 40 pages of technical content to help optimize your imaging system performance. Available while supplies last.

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EO Imaging Catalog

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