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    Primary Magnification PMAG
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    Working Distance (mm)

    Telecentric Lenses

    Telecentric Lenses are used in imaging systems to make objects appear to be the same size independent of their location in space. Telecentric Lenses remove the perspective or parallax error that makes closer objects appear to be larger than objects farther from the lens, increasing measurement accuracy compared to conventional lenses. Telecentric Lenses are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including metrology, gauging, CCD based measurement, or microlithography.

    Edmund Optics’ Telecentric Lenses are available with a range of features for a variety of machine vision or inspection applications. TECHSPEC® GoldTL™ Telecentric Lenses feature focus adjustment, along with iris adjustment. TECHSPEC® SilverTL™ Telecentric Measuring Lenses includes iris adjustment in addition to a double telecentric design. TECHSPEC® CompactTL™ Telecentric Lenses feature compact designs ideal for high volume system integration. TECHSPEC® CompactTL™ Telecentric Lenses are available in in-line models. PlatinumTL™ Telecentric Lenses are also available to cover large sensor sizes.

    CompactTL Telecentric Lenses
    • Ultra-Compact Design
    • Ideal for Volume Inspection Applications
    • Variety of Working Distance and Magnification Options

    SilverTL Telecentric Lenses
    • <0.1° Telecentricity
    • Double Sided Telecentric Designs
    • High Light Throughput f/6 Designs
    • Designed for ½” and 2/3” Sensor Formats

    GoldTL Telecentric Lenses
    • Focusable to Allow for Working Distance Adjustment
    • High Light Throughput f/6 Designs
    • Designed for ½” and 2/3” Sensor Formats
    • <0.2° Telecentricity

    PlatinumTL Telecentric Lenses
    • <0.1° Telecentricity
    • High Contrast at 72 lp/mm Across Full Sensor Field
    • High Light Throughput f/6 Designs
    • Double Sided Telecentric Design

    TitanTL Telecentric Lenses
    • Large Field of View Options up to 242mm
    • Sensor Formats: 1/1.8”, 2/3”, 1”, 4/3”, and 35mm
    • <0.1° Telecentricity

    Hypercentric Lenses
    • Simultaneously Image Top and Sides of an Object
    • Can Be Used as Long Working Distance Borescopes
    • Ideal for Component Inspection

    VariMagTL Telecentric Lenses
    • Adjustable Field of View
    • Variable Iris to Control Light Throughput
    • Fixed Magnification, Telecentric, and Non-Telecentric Versions Available

    MercuryTL™ Liquid Lens Telecentric Lenses
    • Integrated Liquid Lens for Quick Autofocus
    • Imaging Performance of a Telecentric with the Flexibility of a Liquid Lens
    • Telecentricity Maintained Throughout Working Distance Range

    55mm FL Partially-Telecentric Imaging Lens
    • Telecentric Lenses Yield Constant Magnification over a Range of Working Distances
    • ±12.5mm of Object Movement Before 1% Error Image Scale Occurs
    • Additional Lens Converter Available

    High Resolution In-Line Illumination C-Mount Telecentric Lenses
    • Designed for High Resolution Imaging
    • In-line Illumination Port (0.312" Ferrule)
    • 2/3" Max. Sensor Format

    In-Line Illumination C-Mount Telecentric Lenses
    • Fiber Optic Input for In-line Illumination
    • Long Working Distance
    • 2/3” Max Sensor Format

    Mitutoyo Telecentric Objectives
    • Long Working Distances Allow for Integration into Machine Vision Measurement Systems
    • Compact Design and Long Parfocal Length Simplifies Mounting
    • Tube Available for Use with C-Mount Cameras
    • Aluminum Alloy Housing

    Partially-Telecentric 7X Zoom Lens
    • Maintains Telecentricity from 0.25X - 0.5X
    • Variable Working Distance Range
    • Center to Corner Resolution >100 lp/mm

    Schneider Telecentric Lenses
    • Telecentric In Image and Object Space
    • Fine Focus Adjustment of ±3mm
    • Full Iris Control
    • 2/3" Max. Sensor Format

    Variable Magnification Telecentric Lens
    • 0.3X - 0.5X Magnification
    • 2/3” Maximum Sensor
    • Focus, Zoom and Iris Adjustment
    • Long Working Distance


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