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    Diameter (mm)
    Dimensions (mm)
    Effective Focal Length EFL (mm)
    Numerical Aperture NA
    Wavelength Range (nm)

    IR Lenses

    IR Lenses are used to collect, focus, or collimate light in the near-infrared, short-wave infrared, mid-wave infrared, or long-wave infrared spectra. IR Lenses are optical lenses that use specific substrates or anti-reflection coatings to maximize performance for applications operating above 700nm including thermal imaging, FLIR, or spectroscopy. The infrared spectrum refers to 700 – 16000nm wavelengths. When divided into smaller spectra, NIR refers to 700 – 900nm, SWIR is 900 – 2300nm, MWIR is 3000 – 5000nm, and LWIR includes 8000 – 12000nm wavelengths.

    Edmund Optics offers a large variety of IR Lenses including singlet lenses, achromatic lenses, aspheric lenses, or focusing objectives for high performance across a large portion of the infrared spectrum. IR Achromatic Lenses are ideal for use in a variety of industrial, life sciences, or defense applications including FTIR spectroscopy or for use with tunable QCL lasers. Zinc Selenide IR Aspheric Lenses feature diffraction limited designs that are ideal for focusing the output of CO2 lasers. Additional substrates include germanium, sapphire, silicon, zinc selenide, or zinc sulfide. Anti-reflection coating options include VIS-NIR, NIR I, NIR II, Telecom-NIR, or SWIR.

    Calcium Fluoride Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses
    • Greater than 90% Transmission from 200nm - 7μm
    • Low Index of Refraction
    • Vacuum Grade UV Substrate

    Germanium Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses
    • Wavelength Range of 2 - 16μm
    • Rugged, Durable Material
    • Ideal for Defense, Security, and Thermal Imaging Applications
    • Additional Infrared Lenses Available in Popular Substrates

    Germanium Meniscus Lenses
    • Wavelength Range of 2 - 16μm
    • Durable Design for Demanding Applications
    • Superior Spherical Correction

    Germanium Infrared (IR) Aspheric Lenses
    • Diffraction Limited Performance
    • Variety of Coating Options
    • Full Prescription Data Available

    Germanium Infrared (IR) Hybrid Aspheric Lenses
    • Color Corrected for 3 – 5μm
    • Near Diffraction Limited Focusing Performance
    • Full Prescription Data Available

    Silicon Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses
    • Wavelength Range of 1.2 - 7μm
    • Low Density and Dispersion
    • Focal Lengths of 25 – 250mm Available
    • Additional Infrared Lenses Available in Popular Substrates

    Silicon Aspheric Lenses
    • Diffraction-Limited Performance
    • Low Density and Dispersion
    • Ideal for Weight Sensitive IR Applications

    IG6 IR Aspheric Lenses
    • Diffraction Limited Performance
    • Ideal for IR Lasers, Thermal Imaging, or FTIR Spectroscopy
    • Higher Uncoated Transmission than Germanium

    Zinc Selenide Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses
    • Usable Transmission Range is 600nm to 16μm
    • Low Dispersion

    Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses
    • Edmund Optics® Designed, II-VI Manufactured
    • Premier Grade ZnSe Material
    • Uncoated or Broadband AR Coating Options

    Zinc Selenide Infrared (IR) Aspheric Lenses
    • ZnSe Substrate
    • Diffraction Limited Design

    Mid-Wave and Long-Wave Infrared (IR) Aspheric Lenses
    • Wavelength Range of 1 - 14μm
    • Variety of Coating Options
    • Mounted and Unmounted Versions

    Calcium Fluoride Double-Convex (DCX) Lenses
    • Greater than 90% Transmission from 350nm-7μm
    • Low Index of Refraction

    Germanium Meniscus Lenses
    • High Index of Refraction
    • Minimal Chromatic Aberration Due to Low Dispersion
    • Available in Plano-Convex (PCX) or Meniscus Designs

    Standard Silicon Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses
    • Low Dispersion and Density
    • Transmission from 1.2 to 7μm

    Infrared (IR) Fresnel Lenses
    • Excellent Collecting Optics for Infrared Detectors
    • Minimal Absorption Loss in the 8-14μm Region

    Mounted Near-IR (NIR) Achromatic Lens Pairs
    • 30mm Diameter Package Designed for NIR Applications
    • Optimized for Various Magnification Ratios
    • Ideal for Integration into OEM Applications
    • NIR II Coated for 750-1550nm


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