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Hollow Retroreflectors

  • Incident Light is Reflected Back to the Source
  • Hollow Lightweight Design
  • No Material Absorption or Chromatic Aberration

Hollow Retroreflectors are constructed of three first surface mirrors assembled into a corner cube. This produces a lightweight “hollow corner cube” that is totally insensitive to position and movement. The result is that parallel incident light is reflected back to the source with great accuracy, regardless of the angle of incidence. Since the optical path is in air, this configuration eliminates material absorption and chromatic aberrations present in solid glass prism-type retroreflectors. The larger housings feature a variety of mounting holes on the back plate.

The specified beam deviation value of each Hollow Retroreflector is the maximum deviation from parallelism of any single return beam from any of the six sub-apertures, when the retoreflector is fully illuminated. Exiting wavefront is the resultant peak-to-valley wavefront deformation from a fully illuminated retroreflector, which is listed in factors of λ (where λ = 633nm). The unique, patented cushion mounting makes these Hollow Retroreflectors extremely resistant to shock.

Laser Optics

Technical Information

Clear Aperture (CA) Diameter L1 L2 A B C
6.4mm 8.1mm 8.1mm *
12.7mm 14.6mm 19.1mm * M3 x 0.5
25.4mm 41.3mm 36.5mm 49.2mm 44.5mm 50.8mm ¼-20
50.8mm 76.2mm 62.0mm 79.5mm 78.7mm 94.2mm ¼-20 **
63.5mm 89.4mm 61.5mm 79.0mm 92.3mm 101.6mm ¼-20 **
127.0mm 166.7mm 125.5mm 150.8mm 171.5mm 221.9mm ¼-20 **

*Does not have back plate

**Additional 8 mounting holes on 50.8mm and larger Dia: (4) M6 x 1.0 at 90° and (4) ¼-20 at 90° on 2" Bolt Circle

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