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    Surface Flatness
    Dimensions (mm)
    Diameter (mm)
    Coating Type
    Design Wavelength DWL (nm)
    Wavelength Range (nm)

    Flat Mirrors

    Flat Mirrors are Optical Mirrors designed for a variety of applications, including beam steering or folding, interferometry, or as optical components within imaging systems. Additionally, Flat Mirrors are ideal for lab or OEM integration. Surface flatness is a measurement of the roughness of the surface. High surface flatness decreases the amount of light lost through dispersion.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide selection of Optical Mirrors, including standard or precision Flat Mirrors. Standard Flat Mirrors feature the largest selection of substrates, sizes, or surface flatness. These mirrors are available with standard metallic mirror coatings, including Aluminum, Gold, Silver, or Dielectric. Precision Flat Mirrors are available in either Fused Silica or ZERODUR® substrates. ZERODUR® is ideal for applications where temperature fluctuation is a concern. Reflection coating options include Aluminum, Gold, or Silver. To increase durability, a protective layer of dielectric overcoat has been applied to the metallic coatings. Flat Mirror surface flatness include λ/4, λ/8, λ/10, or λ/20.

    λ/20 First Surface Mirrors
    • Precision Fused Silica Substrate
    • 20-10 Surface Quality
    • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

    45° AOI Ultrafast Chirped Mirrors
    • High Reflectivity and Negative Group Delay Dispersion (GDD)
    • Ideal for Dispersion Compensation and Beam Compression @ 45° AOI
    • Designs for Femtosecond Lasers, including Ti:sapphire

    Nd:YAG Laser Line Mirrors

    Yb:YAG Laser Line Mirrors

    λ/10 First Surface Mirrors
    • Precision Fused Silica Substrate
    • Variety of Sizes and Coating Options Available
    • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

    ZERODUR® λ/10 First Surface Mirrors
    • Precision ZERODUR® Substrates
    • λ/10 Flatness
    • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion at ±0.10 x 10-6/°C

    λ/4 First Surface Mirrors
    • Available in a Wide Range of Sizes and Shapes
    • Precision Metallic Mirror Coatings
    • Contact Us for Custom Sizes

    First Surface Mirrors
    • Wide Variety of Shapes and Sizes Available
    • Enhanced Aluminum, Protected Gold, and Protected Silver Coatings
    • Contact Us for Custom Sizes

    4-6λ First Surface Mirrors
    • Wide Variety of Shapes and Sizes Available
    • >90% Reflection of Visible Light
    • Contact Us for Custom Sizes

    800nm Highly-Dispersive Ultrafast Mirrors
    • Reflection >99.8% (p-polarization) between 780 - 830nm
    • Group Delay Dispersion of -1300fs2 at 5° AOI
    • Ideal for Pulse Compression of Ti:sapphire Ultrafast Lasers
    • Ultrafast Chirped Coating

    2μm Highly-Dispersive Broadband Ultrafast Mirrors
    • Reflectivity >99.9% Between 2000 - 2200nm
    • GDD of -1000fs2 @ 5° AOI
    • Ideal for <100fs Pulse Compression of Thulium and Holmium Lasers
    • Broadband Ultrafast Chirped Coating


    Laser Line λ/20 High Tolerance Right Angle Mirrors
    • >99.5% Reflectivity at the Design Wavelength
    • ±15 Arcsecond Angular Tolerance
    • High Thermal Stability Substrates

    Right Angle Mirrors
    • Reflects Light at 90°
    • Ideal for System Alignment
    • Enhanced Aluminum, Protected Gold, and Protected Silver Coatings

    Silicon Semiconductor Supermirrors
    • Lowest Mechanical Loss and Highest Thermal Conductivity of Any Current Supermirror Technology
    • Optical Loss Less Than 200ppm
    • Microroughness of Approximately 3Å

    Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Flat Mirrors
    • Maximum Achievable Reflection at 13.5nm
    • Designed for EUV Beam Steering and Harmonic Separation
    • 5° and 45° AOI Versions Available

    Broadband Dielectric Coated Right Angle Mirrors

    Broadband Dielectric λ/10 Mirrors
    • Greater Than 99% Reflection Over Broad Wavelength Ranges
    • Designed for all Polarization States from 0 – 45° AOI
    • Excellent Thermal Stability due to Fused Silica Substrate

    Knife-Edge Pickoff Mirrors
    • Designed to Separate Two Beams Propagating Closely Next to Each Other
    • 45° Bevel 
    • Coating Aperture Up to the Knife-Edge
    • Enhanced Aluminum, Protected Gold and Protected Silver Coating Options

    Precision Optical Flat Mirrors
    • Fused Silica and ZERODUR® Substrates
    • λ/10 and λ/20 Surface Flatness
    • Variety of Coating Options Offered

    Precision Ultraviolet Mirrors
    • 120nm and 190nm Design Wavelengths
    • Average Reflectivity >85% Across Specified Range
    • Enhanced Metallic Coatings for Broadband Reflectivity through the Visible Region

    Precision Elliptical Flat Mirrors
    • Circular Profile When Oriented at 45°
    • Ideal for Redirecting Light
    • Multiple Sizes and Coatings Offered

    C-Mounted First Surface Mirror
    • Ideal for Precision Alignment
    • 35 x 35mm Mirror Dimensions
    • 50mm H x 38mm W x 38mm D Housing Dimensions
    • Mirror and Housing Available Separately

    Argon-Ion Laser Line Mirrors
    • Low Loss Dielectric Coatings
    • >98% Reflectance
    • All Common Argon-Ion Laser Wavelengths

    Broadband IR Laser Mirrors
    • Greater than 98% Reflectivity from 2 - 20μm
    • Copper Substrate Mirrors
    • High Damage Thresholds

    Excimer Laser Line Mirrors
    • High Damage Threshold of up to 1.5 J/cm2
    • Low Loss Dielectric Coatings
    • Designed for 193nm and 248nm Lasers

    Diode Laser Line Mirrors
    • >99.8% Reflectivity at Design Wavelengths
    • Excellent Broadband Performance for Range of Wavelengths
    • Designed for Common Diode Lasers

    Metal Substrate Mirrors
    • Aluminum Substrate Mirrors
    • Ideal for LWIR Laser Applications
    • Aluminum and Gold Coating Options

    Nd:YAG Laser Line Mirror Kits
    • Kits Include Six Mirrors for the Nd:YAG Harmonics and Dual Band Mirrors
    • Greater than 99% Absolute Reflectivity at Design Wavelength
    • High Damage Thresholds
    • Nd:YAG Laser Line Mirrors are Also Available Individually

    Laser Line Mirrors
    • Guaranteed Laser Damage Thresholds
    • UV Fused Silica Substrates for Excellent Thermal and Temporal Stability
    • >99% Reflectivity at Design Wavelengths
    • Low Absorption Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) Laser Line Options Available

    Precision Broadband Laser Mirrors
    • Ideal for Tunable Lasers and Reflecting Multiple Laser Sources
    • High Reflectivity from 0 - 45° for All Polarization States
    • Variety of Coating Options Available

    Silicon Substrate Gold Mirrors
    • Excellent Thermal Stability
    • Ideal for Weight Sensitive Applications
    • Increased Durability over Glass Substrate Mirrors

    Ultrafast Laser Line Mirrors
    • Greater than 99% Reflectivity
    • 266nm - 1550nm Options Available
    • Low Group Delay Dispersion (GDD)

    Visible Laser Diode Mirrors
    • Over 95% Reflectance of Visible Laser Diode Light
    • Ideal for Multiple Reflection Systems
    • Coating Optimized for 633nm at 45° AOI

    Laser Mirror Substrates
    • λ/10 Surface Flatness and 10-5 Surface Quality
    • High Quality Fused Silica Substrates
    • Imperial Sizes with Circular or Rectangular Geometries


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