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950nm, 6 x 6mm, OD 2.0 Shortpass Filter

OD 2.0 Shortpass Filters

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Dimensions (mm):
6.00 x 6.00 +0.00/-0.20
Angle of Incidence (°):
Cut-Off Wavelength (nm):
950.00 ±19
Optical Density OD (Average):
Hard Coated
Substrate: Many glass manufacturers offer the same material characteristics under different trade names. Learn More
Shortpass Filter
Rejection Wavelength (nm):
1025 - 1250
Surface Quality:
Thickness (mm):
2.00 ±0.10
Transmission (%):
Transmission Wavelength (nm):
500 - 900
Clear Aperture (%):
Wavelength Range (nm):
500 - 1250
Environmental Durability:
MIL-STD-810F, Section 507.4
Physical Durability:
MIL-C-48497A, Section 3.4.1

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

OD 2.0 Shortpass Filters are cost-effective filters that provide high transmission across their transmission band and OD 2.0 blocking across their rejection band. These shortpass filters are available with cut-off wavelengths covering the visible and near-infrared spectra from 400 to 950nm. By combining these filters with our OD 2.0 Longpass Filters, custom bandpass filters can be created to meet specific application requirements. OD 2.0 Shortpass Filters are ideal for fluorescence and spectral order separation applications, with the 6 x 6mm sized filters being suited for integration into optical instrumentation. The back surface of each filter is coated with an antireflection (AR) coating, increasing the overall throughput of the filter.

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