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Meet Chris Cook: Coating Connoisseur

Meet Chris Cook, Principal Engineer and EO’s Coating Connoisseur. Chris is ready to ensure your coatings meet your budget, performance and schedule requirements. Whether your project requires stock or custom optical coatings – what can we make for you? Contact us today!

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We offer a variety of single and multi-layer coatings including broadband, v-coat, polarizing, metallic, and narrow bandpass in the UV, visible, and IR spectra. Check out what we can do for you. 

Coatings control the reflection and transmission of light through the mechanism of optical interference. We'll teach you the basics to help you choose the right coating for your next application.

Over 15 regional offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia to offer local support with world-class service.

Need help finding the right product? Have questions on your application? Contact us to discuss your technical questions with our expert engineering staff.

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