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Laser Spot Size Calculator

Determine spot size of our lasers and laser diode modules from user supplied working distances. Calculator provides circular or elliptical spot size approximations based on 1/e2 beam diameter and beam divergence; for lasers, beam diameter is given for TEM00 mode. Spot size visibility varies based on ambient light conditions.

Output Beam Diameter, DO (mm) --     


Input Beam Diameter, DI (mm) --     

Beam Divergence, θI (mrad) --     

Working Distance, L

Note: This list is updated periodically and may not reflect our most current laser and laser diode product offerings.

Equations and Corresponding Legend

$$ D_O = D_I + 2 \left[ L \cdot \tan{\left( \frac{\theta _I}{2} \right)} \right] $$
DI: Input Beam Diameter
DO: Output Beam Diameter
θI: Beam Divergence
L: Working Distance

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