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MBR type Quad Glass Fiber Optic Cable, 0.354" (9.0mm) Active Fiber Bundle

MBR type Quad Glass Fiber Optic Cable, 0.354

MBR type Quad Glass Fiber Optic Cable, 0.354" (9.0mm) Active Fiber Bundle (#53-382)

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Type of Illumination:
Fiber Optic Light Guide
Diffuse Axial

Regulatory Compliance

Reach 174:
Not Compliant
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Product Description

 A 4 Branch fiber assembly for use with the axial lighting system, Ai-4, or for custom applications requiring 4 input or 4 output sources of light source. The fibers are randomized to optimize light uniformity

Product Family Description

  • Wide-Angle, On-Axis, Diffused Illumination

  • Factory Hardened, Industrial Rugged Packages

  • View Objects Perpendicularly

Fiber Optic Diffuse Axial Illuminators provide wide angle, on-axis, diffused illumination housed in factory hardened, industrial rugged packages. These illuminators’ unique design allows the camera to view the object perpendicularly through the unit. As a result, highly reflective objects with uneven surfaces can reflect light to the camera from every point on their surface, eliminating glints and shadows. Fiber Optic Diffuse Axial Illuminators provide more uniform, diffused illumination than most lighting methods. 

Available in two sizes, 2" x 2" and 4" x 4" square apertures, these sources provide full, even illumination over their entire aperture area. Illumination for the 2" model is provided using a standard ¼" light guide (not included). Illumination for the 4" model uses a specially designed quad-branch light guide (not included) that terminates into four 1/8" bundles. Both axial diffusers require a fiber optic illuminator and appropriate light guide adapter. Light Guide Adapters (not included) are required to mate the low-profile Fiber Optic Cable with Fiber Optic Illuminators. Platform, post and adapter shown in photo is for a suggested application only and not included.