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Cable GigE Cat 6 SSTP 50m

Cable GigE Cat 6 SFTP

Cable GigE Cat 6 SFTP

Cable GigE Cat 6 SFTP
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Camera Accessory
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Product Family Description

  • Perfect Analog Replacement
  • Ultra-Small Form Factor
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Includes Basler Pylon Driver

An ideal upgrade for analog camera users, the Basler ace GigE Camera is an economical Gigabit Ethernet camera. With a small form factor matching that of many analog cameras (29 x 29mm), the ace can be a drop in replacement to an existing analog system, or a great choice with which to start a new project. Optionally able to use Power Over Ethernet (PoE) (2 GigE cables required), the Basler ace cameras can have long cable lengths, and are the optimal choice for use on a factory floor. All cameras include the industry proven Basler Pylon SDK Software and Driver.

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