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Blue ESD Pure-Take 6 oz. Pump-Top Dispenser

#57-482 - Blue ESD Pure-Take 6 oz. Pump-Top Dispenser

#57-482 - Blue ESD Pure-Take 6 oz. Pump-Top Dispenser

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Pure-Take®, Blue ESD Bottle
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Product Family Description

  • Precision Dispensing Mechanism
  • Ideal for Cleaning Solutions
  • Several Sizes and Bottle Options

Menda® Pump-Top Dispensers need only a simple, light touch on the dish top to dispense strictly the required amount of fluid. There is no stopper or cap to remove or need to touch the bottle. Pump-top dispensers have patented “one-handed” operation to free operator’s hands, precision machined valves for smooth operation, no silicone or latex for ultra clean environments, and cam-lock hinge to keep lid open and closed and reduce orders. Menda® Pump-Top Dispensers are fabricated from 100% stainless steel and made in the USA. Pure-Take® style pump also has a patented purity protector to stop fluid from re-entering the bottle and a locking feature that will not leak when engaged, making it ideal for fluids applied with brushes and swabs. Take-Along® style pump has all the same features as Pure-Take®, but to eliminate loss from evaporation and spills it does not include a purity protector. One-Touch® style pump eliminates spraying and splashing and is perfect for cleaning with cotton balls, pads, and brushes. 

Natural HDPE Bottle: High Density Polyethylene, suitable for many solvents. Translucent, white finish allows easy viewing of contents. Stable square shape and wide opening makes it easy to fill.

Yellow Dissipative ESD Protective Bottle: HDPE E9 Durastatic™ (by Vermason®) is permanently dissipative to protect static sensitive products, no migratory additives reduces risk of contamination, highly visible with ESD markings, and flask style shape for stability. Resistance to Ground (RTG): 109Ω.

Conductive ESD Protective Bottle: Black conductive HDPE provides maximum conductivity when needed, low tribo-charging will not easily produce a charge when moved/lifted, and low internal contamination protects contents. Resistance Point to Point (RTT): 102-106Ω.

Blue Dissipative ESD Protective Bottle: Permanently dissipative bottles by R&R Lotion® protect static sensitive printed circuitry, low tribocharging will not easily produce a charge when moved or lifted, and stable square shape. Resistance Point to Point (RTT): 109-1010Ω.

Amber Glass Bottle: Dark glass bottle protects light and plastic sensitive fluids, and still translucent to allow for easy viewing of content level.

ESD Protective Sleeves: Retrofit Natural HDPE bottles for static protection, charge can be removed to ground by placing on ESD protected work-surface. Resistance Point to Point (RTT): 106-109Ω.

Wash Bottle: Provides controlled delivery of solvents, cleaners, water, and oils. Angled non-drip spout delivers single drop or fine stream. All same material features as Yellow Dissipative ESD Protective Bottle.