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5mm UV-AR Coated and Aluminized, Fused Silica Penta Prism

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UV-AR & Aluminized
Substrate: Many glass manufacturers offer the same material characteristics under different trade names. Learn More
Fused Silica (Corning 7980)
Surface Quality:
Penta Prism
Dimensional Tolerance (mm):
Angle Tolerance (arcmin):
Protective bevel as needed
Length of Legs (mm):
Image Orientation:
Coating Specification:
Entrance/Exit Faces: Rabs ≤1.0% @ 250 - 425nm, Ravg ≤0.75% @ 250 - 425nm, Ravg ≤0.5% @ 370 - 420nm
Reflecting Surfaces: Ravg >85% @ 250 - 700nm w/Black Overpaint
Ray Deviation (°):
Wavelength Range (nm):
250 - 425
Surface Flatness (P-V):
Damage Threshold, By Design: Damage threshold for optical components varies by substrate material and coating. Click here to learn more about this specification.
Entrance/Exit Faces: 3 J/cm2 @ 355nm, 10ns
Reflecting Surfaces: 0.3 J/cm2 @ 532nm & 1064nm, 10ns

Regulatory Compliance

Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • Ray Deviation of 90°
  • Right Handed Image
  • Optical Tool for Defining a Right Angle
  • Additional Penta Prism Options Available

Penta prisms are five-sided prisms featuring a ray deviation of 90° and a right handed image. The UV-AR coated options also have aluminized reflecting surfaces for increased efficiency. Slight movement of the prism does not affect the true right angle at which light rays are reflected, making a penta prism the ideal optical tool for defining a right angle in an optical system. TECHSPEC® UV Fused Silica Penta Prisms are made from UV fused silica which features low thermal expansion and excellent transmission throughout the UV, VIS, and NIR spectral ranges.

UV FS Transmission Curve
UV FS Transmission Curve

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