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5mm Scale/100Div, 19mm Dia. Microscope Eyepiece Reticle

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Diameter (mm):
19.00 +0.00/-0.10
Thickness (mm):
Thickness Tolerance (mm):
Overall Accuracy (μm):
Centering (mm):
Line Width (mm):
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Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Certificate of Conformance:
Reach 240:

Product Family Description

  • Designed for 1X Objective Power
  • 5 or 10mm Scale
  • 1.5mm Thickness

Crossed Micrometer Scales Transmission Reticles are clear glass discs marked with scales or patterns, which fit into microscope eyepieces at the internal real image plane. This is the intermediate image of the specimen/object under inspection produced by the objective lens of the microscope. By placing the reticle at this position, the scale/pattern is superimposed on the image, and both are in simultaneous focus. Crossed Micrometer Scales Transmission Reticles are all designed for an objective power of 1X. These reticles are available in a 19 or 21mm diameter.