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35μm Aperture Diameter, Gold-Plated Copper Aperture

Gold-Plated Copper Aperture

Gold-Plated Copper Aperture
Gold-Plated Copper Aperture
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Outer Diameter (mm):
Gold-Plated Copper
Fixed Aperture Diameter (μm):
Aperture Tolerance (%):
Thickness (mm):
0.07 Nominal
Aperture Centration (µm):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
REACH 201:

Product Family Description

  • Ceramic, Copper, Gold-Plated Copper, Molybdenum, or Tungsten Substrates
  • Withstand High Power Densities up to 130MW/cm2 (For Mo and W Substrates)
  • Ideal for Spatial Filtering and Laser Aperturing

High Power Apertures are available in an assortment of available substrates, making them a versatile option for a variety of laser applications. Possible applications include spatial filtering and general laser aperturing. All High Power Apertures have an outer diameter of 3/8" (9.5mm). One side is shiny for high reflectivity while the other is blackened for absorption. The ceramic apertures are white on both sides. The thickness of the aperture and high reflectivity of the materials enable them to withstand and quickly dissipate increased irradiation from high-energy lasers. Densities as high as 100MW/cm2 (130MW/cm2 for molybdenum and Tungsten substrates) have been used without damage to the apertures.