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25mm Diameter x 40mm EFL, Inked, Aspherized Achromatic Lens

Aspherized Achromatic Lenses

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Diameter (mm):
25.00 ±0.025
Effective Focal Length EFL (mm):
Back Focal Length BFL (mm):
Focal Length Specification Wavelength (nm):
Clear Aperture CA (mm):
Centering (arcmin):
Center Thickness CT (mm):
Center Thickness CT 1 (mm):
Center Thickness CT 2 (mm):
Center Thickness Tolerance (mm):
Radius R1 (mm):
Radius R2 (mm):
Radius R3 (mm):
Edge Thickness ET (mm):
Substrate: Many glass manufacturers offer the same material characteristics under different trade names. Learn More
Surface Quality:
60-40, glass surfaces only
Numerical Aperture NA:
VIS 0° (425-675nm)
Coating Specification:
Ravg ≤0.4% @ 425 - 675nm
VIS 0° Coating on First Surface, Second Surface is Aspheric Polymer
Operating Temperature (°C):
-20°C to 80°C
Achromatic Lens
Wavelength Range (nm):
425 - 675
Asphere Figure Error (μm RMS):
Chromatically Corrected Performance

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Low Cost, Color-Corrected Asphere
  • Better Color Correction than Standard Achromatic Lenses
  • Similar Spherical Aberration Correction to Machined Aspheres
  • Prescription Information Available

TECHSPEC®­ Aspherized Achromats bridge the gap between color-corrected achromats and spherical aberration corrected aspheres, resulting in cost effective, color corrected aspheric components. The TECHSPEC­® doublet lenses consist of two cemented elements that are matched for their color-correction ability and small RMS spot size.

The second surface of the doublet is fused with a molded polymer aspheric surface. These molds create a stable aspheric contour, removing or reducing wavefront errors present in typical achromats while boosting numerical aperture. Typical applications include: fiber optic focusing or collimation, image relay, inspection, scanning and high numerical aperture imaging.

These lenses won the 2008 Prism Award for Optics and Optical Components.

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