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Multi-Band Fluorescence Bandpass Filters

  • Multiple Pass Bands on a Single Filter
  • High Peak Transmission, Excellent Blocking
  • Ideal for Simultaneous Viewing of Multiple Fluorophores
  • For Optimal Performance Pair with Multi-Edge Fluorescence Dichroic Filters

TECHSPEC® Multi-Band Fluorescence Bandpass Filters are ideal for real time live cell analysis and high speed imagery. Each optical filter is hard coated and mounted in a black anodized aluminum housing. Having multiple pass bands on a single optical filter enhances fluorescence imagery and eases setup for a range of fluorophore applications. Each optical filter features high average transmission and excellent blocking, yielding the maximum brightness and contrast in any application.

TECHSPEC Multi-Band Fluorescence Bandpass Filters are available as dual-band bandpass filters, triple-band bandpass filters, and quad-band bandpass filters. These filters are also referred to as dual-band filters, tri-band filters, or quad-band filters, respectively. They are ideal components in spectroscopy and clinical chemistry applications, as well as biotech instruments such as DNA sequencers and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing platforms.

Dual-band bandpass filters feature four designs with passband wavelengths from 433 and 530nm to 577 and 690nm. Triple-band bandpass filters feature three designs with passband wavelengths from 432, 517, and 615nm to 464, 542, and 639nm. Quad-band bandpass filters feature a design with passband wavelengths of 440, 521, 607, and 700nm.

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