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Metalized Sapphire Windows

  • Precision Sapphire Substrate
  • Solderable Metalized Edge
  • Greater than 80% Transmission from 0.4 - 5.5μm

TECHSPEC® Metalized Sapphire Windows are created by applying thin layers of chrome, nickel and gold around the edge of a sapphire window. This metalized edge creates a surface that can be soldered or bonded directly into your opto-mechanical assembly allowing you to create a hermetic seal. Hermetically sealed optics are used in a variety of applications ranging from infrared imaging systems to medical devices. The chrome, nickel and gold metalized layers meet the MIL-STD-883 solderability standard. For OEM requirements, custom edge metalization of other IR materials such as germanium and zinc sulfide is available. Please contact our Sales Department for details.