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Enhanced Laser Diode Driver




  • Active Current Limit Protection
  • Built-In Heatsink and Cooling Fan
  • Stable, Versatile Solution to Any Laser Diode Application

This laser diode driver offers the built-in Active Current Limit Protection safety feature that protects the electronics and ensures maximum operating stability. For applications that require lasers in series, a separate laser diode power supply input permits a higher compliance voltage. The Eval Board (#59-102) offers a convenient means to integrate the driver into a system. Once the driver module is soldered onto the PCB, the Driver/Eval Board combination offers a stable and versatile solution to any laser diode application

Note: Stock Numbers #59-101 through #59-103 not available in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Canada, and Japan.

Technical Information

Electronic Specifications Min Typ Max Units
Output Current @ Peak 5.0 Amps
Supply Voltage 5 32 Volts
Compliance Voltage, Laser Diode @ 5 Amps, 12V 3 28 Volts
Power Dissipation @ 25°C 15 Watts
Rise Time @ 5 Amps 5 μsec
Fall Time @ 5 Amps 5 μsec
Constant Current Control  
Long Term Stability, 24 hr. @ 25°C 20 ppm
Bandwidth @ Constant Current 100 kHz
Constant Power Control  
Long Term Stability, 25 hr. @ 25°C 0.02 %
Laser Diode Driver Pin Descriptions (see drawing below)
Pin Name Description
1 Aux V+ For Type C laser diodes only.
2 PD Aux For Type C laser diodes only.
3 LD Enable Enable Output Current = +3 to +5 V
Disable Output Current = Ground or Floating
4 LIM I Stat LIMIT Status. LIMIT = Ground Normal Operation = High Impedance
If Limit is detected, laser diode current will turn off, Limit I LED will Light.
Toggle LD Enable to restart laser diode current.
5 LIM I Monitor Current Limit setpoint monitor. Impedance = 1000 Ohms Output 0 to 2.5V
Note: Current limit needs to be set 0.2V above desired limit level.
6 Common Measurement ground. Low current return used only with pins 5, 7, 8, and 9.
Shorted to pin 11 internally.
7 I Monitor Laser Diode current monitor. Impedance is 1000 Ohms Output 0 to 2.5V
8 P Monitor Power monitor (PD current monitor). Impedance is 1000 Ohms Output 0 to 2.5V
9 Analog Input Remote setpoint or modulation input. Input impedance = 1 mega Ohm Input 0 to 5V
Connect Pin 9 to Pin 6 when not in use.
10 +5V Supply voltage to control electronics. Min +4.5V Max +5.5V
11 GND Power supply ground. Used with pin 10 for high current return.
12 LD Anode/+LD Supply Laser Diode Anode and laser diode supply connection.
Recommended +LD Supply for single laser is +5V. Maximum +30V
Caution: Too high a voltage may thermally damage the Laser Diode Driver.
13 LD Cathode Laser Diode Cathode
14 PD Anode For Type A or B laser diodes, Photodiode Anode.
15 PD Cathode Photodiode Cathode

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