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LS Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses

  • Covers 62mm and 90mm Line Scan (LS) Sensors
  • High Resolution Over Full Image Field
  • f/4.0 Designed for High Illumination Throughput

TECHSPEC® LS Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are ideal for use with Line Scan (LS) and Large Area Scan cameras. Designed to reduce chromatic aberrations at a maximum aperture of f/4, these high performance lenses achieve stunning sharpness and excellent contrast, while providing twice the amount of light throughput of comparable lenses at f/5.6 (where our iris is only half closed). The LS Series lenses are ideal for web inspection, flat panel (LCD, plasma, and solar) inspection, factory automation, and food/beverage inspection. TECHSPEC® LS Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses feature a robust optical design that is capable of achieving a wide magnification range. If you require a specific magnification within the 0.33X to 3.0X range, we can adjust the magnification to achieve it for you. Please contact our Applications Engineering Department to discuss your specific magnification requirements.

Note: Focusing/Mounting options are available for the most common camera interfaces for many of the magnification options. To use standard mounting with these lenses, first select a magnification, then the desired camera mount, and focusing mount.

Technical Information

Field of View Table
Camera Sensor Format
LS Series Lens Magnification
11mm (2/3")33.0mm22.0mm14.6mm11.0mm8.3mm5.5mm3.6mm
16mm (1")48.0mm32.0mm21.3mm16.0mm12.0mm8.0mm5.3mm
22mm (1.2")66.0mm44.0mm29.3mm22.0mm16.5mm11.0mm7.3mm
35mm (4K)105.0mm70.0mm46.6mm35.0mm26.3mm17.5mm11.6mm
43mm (8K)129.0mm86.0mm57.2mm43.0mm32.3mm21.5mm14.2mm
57mm (8K)171.0mm114.0mm75.8mm57.0mm42.8mm28.5mm18.8mm
62mm (12K)186.0mm124.0mm82.5mm62.0mm46.5mm31.0mm20.5mm


Adapter/Extension Tube Guide
Camera Mount 
C-Mount#69-241 Adapter Set NeededNo Mounting AvailableNoNoYesYesYesYes
Additional Extension000037
F-Mount#69-241 Adapter Set NeededNo Mounting AvailableNo Mounting AvailableNoNoNoYesYes
Additional Extension00026
M42 x 1.0#69-241 Adapter Set NeededNoNoNoYesYesYesYes
Additional Extension0000037
M72 X 0.75#69-241 Adapter Set NeededNo Mounting AvailableNo*NoYesYesYesYes
Additional Extension0*00038
Bolt Pattern#69-241 Adapter Set NeededNo Mounting AvailableNo Mounting AvailableNoYesYesYesYes
Additional Extension00018
Note: Only fixed versions of M72 x 0.75 Adapter work for 0.5X Magnification

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