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1064nm 2X – 8X Gemma® Variable Beam Expander

1064nm 2X – 8X Gemma®, #15-544


TECHSPEC® 1064nm 2X – 8X Gemma® Variable Beam Expanders are ideal for high power laser applications where magnification changes may be required, such as prototyping or R&D. TECHSPEC Variable Beam Expanders feature λ/4 transmitted wavefront, Galilean designs, and high laser damage threshold AR coatings to ensure maximum transmittance while minimizing ghost reflections. Additionally, these beam expanders use internal translation and focusing mechanisms to continuously adjust magnification and laser divergence without affecting overall housing length. TECHSPEC® 1064nm 2X – 8X Gemma® Variable Beam Expander allow for continuous magnification change over the full magnification range.

TECHSPEC Research-Grade Variable Beam Expanders can be used to determine a system’s required beam magnification in the prototyping phase of development. TECHSPEC® Draconis® Broadband Beam Expanders are available for production or OEM implementation. Please contact our Sales Department for custom magnification requirements.

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